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In 1984, Temple Theatre was re-opened as a professional theatre. Over that time, the Temple has become a highly respected centerpiece of culture in the Sandhills. Hundreds of thousands of people have attended Temple shows and the the theatre is far and away Lee County's biggest year-round attraction. The 30th Anniversary Season kicks off with The Music Man. We feel like we've hit the perfect blend of shows. Click on the show titles for a description of the production, show times, ratings and show sponsor. Each show runs for 3 weeks and features 15 performances. Click here for more details.

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The Music Man
Sep 12 - 29, 2013

The Music Man
Musical Comedy Family Friendly
Book, Music, & Lyrics by Meredith Willson

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The Temple Theatre presents The Music Man, live on stage from Sep 12 - 29, 2013. Meredith Willson's Broadway classic features a nostalgic score of marches, quartets, and ballads that have become popular standards. The Music Man follows a fast-talking traveling salesman as he cons a small town into buying equipment for a marching band he vows to organize. His plan to skip town is foiled when he falls in love. Wicked, funny, warm, romantic, and touching, this is family entertainment at its best.
The Dixie Swim Club
Oct 17 - Nov 3, 2013

The Dixie Swim Club
Comedy Mature Themes
by Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope, & Jamie Wooten

sponsored by Perkins Investments

Five North Carolina women, whose friendships began many years ago on their college swim team, set aside a long weekend every August to recharge those relationships. They meet at the same beach cottage on the Outer Banks to catch up, laugh, and meddle in each other's lives. The Dixie Swim Club focuses on four of those weekends spanning a period of thirty-three years. As their lives unfold, these women increasingly rely on one another, through advice and raucous repartee, to get through the challenges (men, marriage, parenting, divorce, and aging) that life flings at them. When fate throws a wrench into one of their lives in the second act, these friends, proving the enduring power of "teamwork", rally 'round their own with a strength and love that takes this comedy in a poignant and surprising direction. The Dixie Swim Club is a hilarious and touching comedy about friendships that last forever.
Plaid Tidings
Dec 5 - 22, 2013

Plaid Tidings
Musical Comedy Family Friendly
by Stuart Ross
This Christmas sequel to Forever Plaid takes all the fun from the original and ties it up in a nifty package with a big bow on top! Filled with Christmas standards that have all been “Plaid-erized,” our boys are back to do their Christmas Special. At first Francis, Jinx, Smudge, and Sparky aren’t sure why they’ve returned to Earth for another posthumous performance, but a phone call from the heavenly Rosemary Clooney lets them know that they’re needed to put a little harmony into a discordant world. Sprinkled among the Christmas offerings are audience favorites like their riotous three minute version of “The Ed Sullivan Show” - this time featuring the Rockettes, The Vienna Boys Choir, and a Plaid Caribbean number that puts the “Day-O” in Excelsis! This truly "heaven-sent" holiday treat will lift audiences' spirits and remind youngsters that not all good music has to be auto-tuned.
Black Pearl Sings!
Jan 16 - Feb 2, 2014

Black Pearl Sings! at Temple Theatre
Musical Drama Family Friendly
by Frank Higgins

sponsored by the Temple Theatre Board of Directors

Rozlyn Sorrell and Lynda Clark star in this poignant muscial, featuring beautiful a cappella renditions of little-known American folk songs. Black Pearl Sings! chronicles a powerful story about being a woman in a man’s world, being black in a white world, and fighting for one’s soul in a world where anyone can be a commodity. Memories may fade, but songs from our early years stay close. In Frank Higgins’ heartwarming, feisty Black Pearl Sings!, African-American folk songs open a door to history, and lead one woman out of prison. In the 1930's Susannah, a white woman from a privileged New York family, travels the South recording folk songs and indigenous music. When she hears Pearl singing in a Texas high-security lockup, she knows she’s tapped a rich vein of treasured music reaching into the past. She wants the songs, but Pearl needs something from her in return. As the two negotiate an exchange, their friendship grows. Susannah bargains for Pearl’s parole and arranges for several public performances. Soon, though, the two women soon find themselves walking a delicate line between exposure and exploitation.
Smoke on the Mountain
Feb 20 - Mar 9, 2014

Smoke on the Mountain
Musical Comedy Family Friendly Live Band/Muscians
by Connie Ray
Smoke on the Mountain tells the story of a Saturday Night Gospel Sing at a country church in North Carolina's Smoky Mountains in 1938. The show features two dozen rousing bluegrass songs played and sung by the Sanders Family, a traveling group making its return to performing after a five-year hiatus. Pastor Oglethorpe, the young and enthusiastic minister of Mount Pleasant Baptist Church, has enlisted the Sanders Family in his efforts to bring his tiny congregation into "the modern world." Between songs, each family member "witnesses" - telling a story about an important event in their life. Though they try to appear perfect in the eyes of a congregation who wants to be inspired by their songs, one thing after another goes awry and they reveal their true and hilariously imperfect natures. By the evening's end, the Sanders Family has endeared themselves to us by revealing their weaknesses and allowing us to share in their triumphs. You will be laughing, singing, rooting for the family, and clapping along.
Sherlock Holmes & the Jersey Lily
Mar 20 - Apr 6, 2014

Sherlock Holmes & the Jersey Lily
Drama Family Friendly
by Katie Forgette
Someone has stolen the letters Lillie Langtry exchanged with the Prince of Wales. Now she is being blackmailed and only Sherlock Holmes can solve the case. While Watson falls head over heels for the Jersey Lily and a wicked professor attempts to bring the Crown to its knees, this show keeps many secrets and presents many twists which will catch the audience by surprise. There is much laughter and suspense as the mystery craftily unfolds and emerges as a wonderful family-friendly evening of theater, suspense, comedy, drama, even a second-act swordfight!
Apr 24 - May 11, 2014

Musical Drama Family Friendly
by Andrew Lloyd Webber

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Inspired by the universally popular poetry of T.S. Eliot, Cats tells the story, in song and dance, of the annual gathering of Jellicle cats, at which time one special cat is selected to ascend to the Heaviside layer. A true musical theater phenomenon, Cats opened at London’s New London Theatre in 1981 and ran for a record-setting 21 years. Cats’ London success was nearly matched on Broadway where it ran for just over 18 years. This enchanting musical features the immortal ballad “Memory,” as well as a collection of other whimsical tunes enjoyed by audiences young and old.

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