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Sweeney Todd
7/14 7/16/2017

Shakespeare in Depot Park
Play DramaFamily Friendly
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The play begins with the recent death of King Hamlet, who was Prince Hamlet's father. Following his death, the king's brother Claudius, who was the uncle of the young prince, was crowned the King of Denmark. After assuming position as the new king, Claudius married Queen Gertrude, Prince Hamlet's mother. The young prince is outraged by the actions of Claudius and vows revenge. Not long after the death of his father and marriage of his mother and uncle, the ghost of King Hamlet appears to the prince. Previously, others in the kingdom believed that the king died because of a snake bite, but the ghost reveals that the king was murdered by Claudius. Hamlet then puts on a play for Claudius that reenacts the death of the king. The play concludes with Gertrude drinking from a poisoned cup, Hamlet stabbing Claudius and Hamlet being stabbed by a poisoned blade.

Join the Temple Theatre Shakepeare Intensive as they present Hamlet.

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Aug 2, 8pm - Depot Park

Aug 3, 8pm - Temple Theatre

Aug 4, 8pm - Depot Park

Aug 5, 8pm - Depot Park