Oklahoma! at the Temple Theatre
Current Show
Oct 16 - Nov 2

Country Gravy at Temple Theatre
Adapted by Peggy Taphorn

Dr. Seward's beloved Mina has died of a mysterious illness with horrific, yet baffling symptoms - sudden loss of blood, sleepwalking in the cemetery, and strange puncture wounds on the neck.  When Mina's friend, Lucy, begins to display the same symptoms, Dr. Helsing must uncover the cause of her illness, and save her before it’s too late.  Meanwhile, Count Dracula, a strange man from Transylvania, has taken up residence nearby, Lucy’s fiancé has mysteriously vanished, and at Seward’s estate, Renfield, is becoming more wild and unruly by the day - almost as if he were possessed.  And who can account for the howls coming from up the hill?  This classic thriller certainly has BITE!

Reserved seating is $25. Call the Box Office at 919-774-4155 or click here for tickets.